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· I’ve been in business since 1985. I own a private gym in downtown London.
· The gym has had a number of nicknames. “The Wrecking Yard” has been popular staying one step away from the wrecking ball.
· Recently in reference to the Netflix documentary series “Last Chance U” I have been calling it “Last Chance Gym”.
· Why “Last Chance Gym”? Well, many of us are over 50-60. We are beat up athletes who played hard and now must pay the piper.
· Our only hope of living our years out in physical, mental and emotional good health are to take care of these 6 physical qualities:
(1) Strength (2) Mobility (3) Balance (4) Flexibility (5) Conditioning (6) Recovery
· Whether you are competing as an athlete or fighting off the ticking of time these qualities are the foundation of everything we do.
· For you younger ones under 50 you will benefit from my experience … if you listen.


· I’ve been coaching Athletes since 1978 and the Adult Population since 1985.
· The 30+ years in this business has qualified me to coach just about every age and type of person who walks through the door.
· Gym members range in age from 36 to 76. All types of bodies and levels of health. All good folks. Egos are checked at the door.
· They have metabolic syndrome, heart issues, diabetes, osteoporosis, menopause, concussions, cancer, ALS …
· Multiple surgeries including shoulders, elbows, hip replacements and knees …


· I have dealt with, I believe, every injury imaginable.
· I also have torn my left ACL, Meniscus in both knees, 7 or 8 left knee Grade 2 MCLs plus 3 more of those on my right knee.
· This past year, after a ski crash I had Hip Reconstruction surgery that collapsed and became infected.
· The pain made my torn ACL feel like a bruise.
· That was followed by 2 Hip Replacement surgeries and 6 wks on a penicillin IV
· I spent 28 wks on crutches and a wheeled walker and experienced the loss of, what seemed like, all the muscle mass I had.
· Learning to walk again and train again is/was an interesting process.
· If I didn’t have the strength, muscle mass and conditioning level I did have prior to the crash I may not be here to write this story.
· Other Injuries: Neck and Shoulders and Concussions too.
· So, come on down with your injury. Along with your Health Care Providers we will get you feeling better.


(1) I follow a strength coach’s #1 rule, “Do No Harm”. I will adapt the program to your needs.
(2) I will never stop researching the latest science and never stop listening to coaches in multiple disciplines. We never stop learning.
(3) 2 Strength workouts each week for 60 min. including warm-up; approx. 80-90 workouts per year.
(4) I design all workouts; Other folks will be working out alongside of you but you will have your own program to follow.
(5) I demand proper technique on all exercises
(6) Monthly fees are group rates and there is no contract. If it isn’t what you’re looking for dropping out won’t cost you a dime.


(1) Articles are for educational purposes only. Some topics are backed by hundreds of unique scientific papers. Others are not.
(2) Any decisions you make must be done with the advice of a Health Care Provider.
(3) Click on the Red title of the article to go to the publication site. Check in on your area of interest weekly.


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