1. Pain Relief Exercises .
    (1) Prone Double-Leg Extensions: legs shoulder width; legs wider; rotate feet
    (2) Supine Glutes on Roller: hip raises; rock side to side
    (3) Supine Legs Raised: knees @90º push and resist legs forward towards feet
    (4) Sitting in Chair: knees @90º push and resist legs outwards and inwards
    (5) Prone on the Floor Knee-overs: one leg straight opposite leg bent with foot under floor leg knee
    (6) Prone on Bed or Bench: legs hanging over end; one leg raised to 90º push and resist
  2. How to Foam Roll your Back.
    – working from Neck-Upper Back towards
    (1) Supine Roller Crossways on the Scapulae: head on roller and back on floor; hand behind back; ear to opposite shoulder
    (2) Supine Roller Crossways: rolling the upper back
    (3) Supine Roller Crossways on the Scapulae:  static stretch arching back with hands overhead; hands behind head; pushing elbows to floor
    (4) Supine Roller Lengthways down the Spine: elbows to side push to floor; elbows to side angels
    (7) Supine Roller Crossways on the Scapulae: tip onto one side and roll
    (8) –
    (9) Supine Roller Crossways on the Pelvis: knees @90º rocking side to side


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