Keith Baar
– Endurance and strength can be developed simultaneously to some degree
– However, development of a high level of endurance seems to prohibit the development or maintenance of muscle mass and strength
1. High-Intensity Endurance before Strength Training
– Any high-intensity endurance training sessions should be performed early in the day
– Recovery period of at least 3hr
2. Refuel Between Morning and Afternoon Training
– Fully refuel between the morning high-intensity endurance training session and the afternoon strength session
– If it is not possible to refuel completely because of the training volume and intensity, it might be best to reserve a portion of the offseason (and short periods in season) exclusively for increasing muscle size and strength and then use higher dietary protein intakes to maintain that muscle mass as the aerobic load increases through the season
3. Strength Training Immediately after Low-Intensity Non-Depleting Endurance Sessions
– This results in greater stimulus for endurance adaptation than the low-intensity endurance session alone
– The low-intensity session will not affect signaling pathways regulating strength gains
4. Leucine Post-Resistance Exercise & Before Sleep
– Leucine-rich PRO as soon as possible after training to maximize Leucine uptake, mTOR recruitment, and protein synthesis
– With resistance exercise later in the day consume protein immediately prior to sleep to maximize the synthetic response overnight

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