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Don’t sleep walk into old age unprepared relying on the medical system and prescription drugs to keep you alive.

Email:   r_lowe@sympatico.ca  |  Twitter:  @coachroblowe  

No time to workout? 168 Hours in a Week minus 1 Hour per day for working out = 161 hours left.


· Strength | Mobility | Balance | Flexibility | Recovery
· These qualities are the foundation from which we build a healthy physical lifestyle regardless of age or activity level
· Falling short in one of these areas will result in unnecessary pain and limited or failed performance
· Manage pain in your daily life. Manage pain to improve performance.
· You may never have played a sport in your life but you should still train like an athlete


· Based on athlete’s programs for all sports with an adaptation to age and level of ability
· There are many “Roads to Rome”. The road you take to practical fitness must be constructed for your needs.
· “Putting together a training program is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and the pieces are always changing shape.” Charlie Francis


Where? · Downtown London
Hours of Operation · Monday to Thursday 8am to 6pm | Fridays are flexible but short!
Your Workouts
· 2x per week for approx. 60 min  |  Arrive when convenient for you  |  Stay as long as you wish
· There will be others working out with you but there are no group classes |  Everyone is friendly and supportive
Age Range
· Age range currently is 31 to 74  |  20 of us over the age of 60
· Wide, wide range of strength and ability  |  Beginners to Triathletes


· Born in 1952  |  Playing sports since 1952
· Working out since 1966 (Yes. The Joe Weider weight set.)
Strength Coach
· Football players and other athletes since 1979
· Weekend Warriors and the General Population since 1984
Assistant Football Coach
· Western Mustangs 1982-1991, 2005-2006, 2011-Present
· University of Guelph Gryphons 1979-1981  |  McMaster University Marauders 2000
Sports Still Played
· Downhill Skiing & Adult Racing | Hill and Trail Running | Mountain Biking

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