You can sleep walk into old age unprepared relying on the medical system and prescription drugs. Or, you can take control of your health and do something about it through resistance and endurance training, proper nutrition and supplements. The older we get the harder the wind blows. Be prepared.

Email:   r_lowe@sympatico.ca  |  Twitter:  @coachroblowe  


· Strength | Mobility | Balance | Flexibility | Recovery
· These qualities are the foundation from which we build a healthy physical lifestyle regardless of age or activity level
· Falling short in one of these areas will result in unnecessary pain and limited or failed performance
· Manage pain in your daily life. Manage pain to improve performance


· Based on athlete’s programs for all sports with an adaptation to age and level of ability
· There are many “Roads to Rome”. The road you take to practical fitness must be constructed for your needs
· “Putting together a training program is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and the pieces are always changing shape.” Charlie Francis


Where? · Downtown London
Hours of Operation · Monday to Thursday 8am to 6pm | Fridays are flexible but short!
Your Workouts
· 2x per week for approx. 60 min  |  Arrive when convenient for you  |  Stay as long as you wish
· There will be others working out with you but there are no group classes |  Everyone is friendly and supportive
Age Range
· Age range currently is 42 to 74  |  20 of us over the age of 60
· Wide, wide range of strength and ability  |  Beginners to Triathletes


· Born in 1952  |  Playing sports since 1952
· Working out since 1966 (Yes. The Joe Weider weight set.)
Strength Coach
· Football players and other athletes since 1979
· Weekend Warriors and the General Population since 1984
Assistant Football Coach
· Western Mustangs 1982-1991, 2005-2006, 2011-Present
· University of Guelph Gryphons 1979-1981  |  McMaster University Marauders 2000
Sports Still Played
· Downhill Skiing & Adult Racing | Hill and Trail Running | Mountain Biking

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