1. Home Exercises for Cervical Disc Pain .
    (1) Chin Tuck: fingers on chin; pull head back; do not tilt head; ie: move head like a filing cabinet drawer
    (2) Chin Tuck with Rotation: fingers on side of chin; gently push head
    (3) Supine with back of Head on Yoga Block: chin tuck; knees bent; add one leg straighten and return; repeat with other leg; 4-5x
    (4) Hands behind Neck: chin tuck into hands; tilt head
  2. Exercises for Cervical Spine Pain & Disc Bulges .
    1️⃣ 7:30 mark Chin Tuck: Cervical Retraction in Sitting / Standing
    2️⃣ 10:00 mark – Fingers behind Neck: Cervical McKenzie Retraction-Extension (supported) Note: different than Hands behind Neck in above video
    3️⃣ 12:30 – Head Rotation: Cervical Rotation (overpressure)
  3. Mobility Exercises for Chronic Tension Headaches .
    (1) Chin Tuck: see above video
    (2) Supine Head on Yoga Block: see above video
    (3) Supine Head on Yoga Block + Small Ball: place ball on one side of neck muscle
    (4) Supine lengthways on Foam Roller: moving Arms from a “Y” position to a “W”
  4. Cervical Spondylosis & Neck Arthritis – Stretches & Exercises .
    (1) Turn head side to side
    (2) Drop head side to side: hold the chair or put your hands under your bottom to keep shoulders level
    (3) Drop head back and Rotate to the side
    (4) Isometric – Hands under chin
    (5) Head to Side: gently pull with hand; off-hand holding the chair
    (6) Head Angled to opposite Knee: stretches the Levator Scapulae
    (7) Chin Tucks: back-lying


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