1. ITB Friction Syndrome . Keeley Physio
    2:30 → Small Ball Massage the TFL: trigger point hold; cross-friction; pin and stretch the leg to the side

    3:30 → Small Ball Massage the Upper Glutes: trigger point hold; cross-friction; pin and stretch with a Figure 4
    4:05 → Foam Roll the Lateral Lateralis: trigger point hold; cross friction; pin and stretch by flexing the knee
  2. Hip and Leg Mobility for ITBS . Keeley Physio
    Kneel on Floor – Stretch the Hip Flexors and Quadriceps: kneel on pad on floor; back foot elevated on chair; spine neutral; squeeze glute and push forward; reach up and over

    Supine Back-Lying Figure 4: foot on the wall; cross the opposite leg; slide the foot down the wall
    Pigeon Stretch: can be done standing with foot on bench or back of sofa rather than the floor
  3. ITBS – Smart Foam Rolling . Lawrence Physio
    Do not roll the ITB

    – Roll the Upper Gluteus Maximus and the Gluteus Medius
    – Roll the TFL and the Vastus Lateralis Quadricep Muscle
    – Roll the Lateral Hamstrings
  4. ITBS Lateral Line Stretching . Lawrence Physio
    Stretch the Glutes and TFL

    Stretch the Lateral Line


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