1. Hip Flexor Opener .
    1️⃣ 3-Way Hip Flexor Stretch: move your arms and hips into the 3 different directions in the above video. Remember to not arch through the low back, instead, focus on driving the hips forward, tilting the pelvis backwards, and squeezing the glute of the back leg
    2️⃣ 3-Way Hip Flexor Stretch with Hip External Rotation: externally rotate the hip (bringing your back foot closer to midline); then perform the movements of the hips and arms in all 3 directions.
  2. 90/90 Hip Mobility .
    (1) 90/90 Static Hold: rotate upper body towards back knee
    (2) 90/90 Movement: rotate upper body and knees from side to side; place hands on floor behind you if needed


  1. Hip Flexor Stretch – Reinold – Physio
    – Kneeling with Vertical Upper Body and Posterior Pelvic Tilt
  2. Hip Flexor Tightness Assessment, Strengthen, Stretch . [P]Rehab Guys – Physios
    (1) Thomas Test: supine on bench; knee to chest to flatten lower back; thigh lifts up = iliopsoas tight; lower leg extends = tight rectus femoris
    (2) Static Stretch Rectus Femoris: kneel in split squat position; tuck the pelvis; tighten the core; lean forward
    (3) Strengthen to Lengthen Rectus Femoris: supine on bench; knee to chest; tighten the core; kettlebell or band on foot of extended leg; lift knee up
    (4) Strengthen to Lengthen Iliopsoas: standing split squat position; hold DB on same side as stretch side
  3. Hip Flexor Stretches – Rectus Femoris & Iliopsoas . [P]REHAB GUYS – PHYSIOS
    (1) rectus femoris: split squat with knee on floor; tuck pelvis; activate core & glutes; reach overhead
    (2) iliopsoas: one foot on chair; tuck pelvis; activate core & glutes; reach overhead and cross body
  4. Rectus Femoris Stretch – Lying on a Table . [P]Rehab Guys – Physios
    – knee to chest; lower back flat on table; stretch leg hanging off side of table; flex knee
  5. Massage & Stretching of Hip Flexors Iliopsoas & Rectus Femoris .
    (1) prone resting on forearms: (a) small ball 2″ to side of navel (b) lift back leg (c) move side to side
    (2) supine lying on back: (a) small ball; place db on top of ball (b) rock the db side to side (c) can use a weight plate or S-Stick (d) lift leg up and rotate out
  6. How to Fix a Tight Psoas in 30 seconds .
    – very deep muscle and therefore hard to massage
    (1) Stretch – Psoas Cobra: prone on floor; knees on the wall; (a) resting on forearms; (b) press up on hands (c) rest on forearms; bring one leg forward
    (2) Stretch – Kneeling Split Squat: back foot on sofa (a) push forward (b) same side arm overhead (c) arms in front; rotate upper body
    (3) Strength – Foot on Chair: lift foot up
    (4) Strength – Hip Lunge Slider: backward lunge
    (5) Strength – Glutes: supine (a) glute bridge (b) single leg raise (c) single leg raise + single leg bridge

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