1. Low Back Stretches – 2020 – Link to Article .
    – do these 2-3x per day to break up sitting
    (1) Warming up the Spine: 1:40 mark; Cat-Camel to reduce the friction of the Spine; knees apart; avoid pushing the end of each range; 7-8 cycles ONLY
    (2) Stretch Psoas Hip Flexor: 3:20 mark; stand 1-leg forward; raise opposite arm overhead; reach to midline with shoulder back; hold 2 secs; repeat 6x per side
    (3) Hip Airplanes: 6:00 mark; watch video; 3 sets x 3 reps each side
    (4) Spine Hygiene: 7:40 mark; stand with arms overhead for 10 sec; reach higher and farther back for 10 sec; deeply breathe into upright posture
  2. Low Back Pain – 2021 – Link to Article . 
    (1) Low Back Pain: 1:45 mark; spinal joints are NOT ball and socket joints so don’t treat them like they are; have good spinal hygiene throughout the day
    (2) Stack the Spine: align ears over shoulders; shoulders over hips
    (3) The Hip Hinge: baseball short-stop squat; practice the cat-camel in this position to find the sweet spot; don’t lift with the back rather pull your hips through
  3. 3 Exercises for your Glutes  – 2020 – Link to Article .
    Tests for Glute Activation: feeling glutes during glute exercises; 1-leg Bridge; Pelvic Tilt
    (1) Contraction: (a) sitting place hands under your glutes and flex (b) static kneeling lunge engage core and flex glutes
    (2) Activation: (a) glute bridges (b) clam shells .
    (3) Progression with Resistance Load: (a) lateral step-up (b) goblet squats (c) pull-throughs (d) 2-leg calf raise glute squeeze
  4. Park Bench Decompression .
    · Lean on Bar or Park Bench: palms up grip; relax into bar; rise onto toes with shoulders over bar; stiffen arms and push vertical with reverse shrug
    – Spinal Stenosis: a narrowing of the spaces within your spine, which can put pressure on the nerves that travel through the spine. Spinal stenosis occurs most often in the lower back and the neck. – Mayo Clinic

  5. 3 Kinds of Stability .
  6. Conference .
  7. Heavy vs. Light Lifting .

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